Wildlife and natural beauty at its peak 7 nights - 8 days 

Discover and unwind on the enchanting Isabela Island. Allow us to lead you through the numerous attractions the island has to offer, while also providing you with ample time to savor the tranquil ambiance at your own pace. 

Enjoy incredible strolls along the beach, indulge in leisurely swims and snorkeling at your convenience. Our beachfront hotel ensures a delightful breakfast served on your veranda each morning. The captivating creatures of the island will gradually become so familiar that you'll start to regard them as part of your extended family. 

Awaken each morning in this South Pacific paradise, surrounded by breathtaking beaches and a delightful climate. There's plenty to engage in for those seeking both adventure and relaxation in this unique environment. We include a tour almost every day, allowing you the flexibility to choose whether you want to participate in every tour or only those that capture your interest. 

7 Nights 8 Days Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Tourguide English/Spanish speaking on all tours
  • Hotel in Puerto Villamil (6n)
  • Hotel in Puerto Ayora (1n)
  • Breakfast (6 mornings)
  • Walking tour to Flamingo Lake and Turtle Center / Half day tour with guide
  • Snorkeling Tour - Concha y Perla // Half day tour with guide
  • Boat trip to Tintoreras // Half day tour with guide
  • Bus and hiking tour to Sierra Negra Volcano// Half day tour with guide
  • Farm Tour to the highlands// Half day tour with guide
  • Transfer in and out with speedboat from Puerto Ayora

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Air Ticket Quito/Guayaquil to Baltra Galapagos (can be booked in stage 3)

  • Entrance fees Galapagos National Park 100.00 USD + TRANSIT CARD 20.00 USD+ ISABELA Entrance fee 10.00 USD. To be paid upon arrival.

  • Snorkeling Tour – Los Tuneles // Aprox. 6 hours, with guide, can be booked beforehand
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc
  • Any meals/services not mentioned in the inclusions
What makes this tour special
  • Stunning South Pacific Beaches
  • The worlds second largest volcano crater
  • Amazing snorkling
  • The most northern living penguins in the world
  • Fantastic Carribien beaches

DAY 1. Isabela 

Upon your arrival in Baltra, we'll be there to welcome you and transport you to the Itabaca Channel. After crossing over, you'll reach the main island of Santa Cruz, home to the bustling town of Puerto Ayora.  At 14:00, we'll embark on a ferry boat journey to Isabela. The shuttle is a bit of a bumpy ride, so prepare for this first adventure.  Upon arriving at the harbor in Isabela, a brief transfer will take you to the hotel of your preference. Once checked in, your guide will lead you on a walk around town, introducing you to the various shops and restaurants that you may wish to explore during your stay. 

DAY 2. Centro de Crianza de Tortugas Gigantes 

Embark on a half-day guided walking tour to La Poza de los Flamingos and the Centro de Crianza de Tortugas Gigantes. The journey begins at the hotel, tracing a path along the beach and lagoons, offering the opportunity to observe Flamingos and various shore birds that thrive in the brackish waters.  Arriving at the "Centro de Crianza de Tortugas Gigantes," a research station where the National Park has successfully preserved these gentle giants, preventing them from facing extinction. Isabela is home to five distinct species of tortoises, each residing on one of the five volcanoes that collectively form the island.  Following this captivating visit, we will make our way back to town and our hotels, giving you the option to take a relaxing siesta if you wish. 

DAY 3.  Snorkeling in Concha Perla 

We journey toward El Embarcadero, enjoying a picturesque walk through a mangrove area that leads us to a shallow bay, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Exploring the waters of this bay often reveals schools of fish, playful sea lions, rays, sharks, and the occasional Galapagos penguin.  Visit this Concha de Perla on a hot day, and you'll find the perfect way to take a break from the heat. 

DAY 4. Boat Tour to Tintoreras 

Our journey begins with a boat ride along the coast, providing opportunities to spot various seabirds. We may witness blue-footed boobies nesting and catch a glimpse of tropical penguins sunbathing.  During our initial stop, we'll walk through the lava landscape, immersing ourselves among colonies of the unique marine iguanas, which are present seasonally.  The tour concludes with a snorkeling session, offering the chance to encounter sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, and various species of rays in their natural habitat. 

DAY 5. Open Day. Optional: Wall of Tears

This allows for everyone to choose their preferred activities. Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach and around town or, if seeking adventure, discover Los Humedales. Walk or rent a bike and visit Los Humedales: Spanning a distance of 13.5km, this captivating route unfolds with a variety of intriguing stops where you may encounter giant tortoises, iguanas, pelicans, herons, and, with a bit of luck, the Galapagos snake.  The location offers numerous possibilities for different activities. This includes bathing in the crystal-clear waters of El Estero, La Playa del Amor, discovering El Condenzo, panoramic views at Orchilla, and the historic Wall of Tears among other stops as well. It's a place where nature and history converge, providing a diverse and enriching experience for all who venture along its path 

DAY 6. Open Day. Optional: Boat Tour & snorkling to Los Tuneles 120 USD

For enthusiasts of the sea and snorkeling, this experience is a dream come true. It ranks among the top three snorkeling spots in the Galapagos Islands, offering an unparalleled underwater adventure.  We walk to the harbor, where our boat departs from the main dock. The approximately one-hour boat ride will lead us to the enchanting Los Tuneles. 

During the journey, keep an eye out for Manta Rays, the largest members of the ray family, as well as sea turtles and various species of seabirds.  Navigating into the bay where Los Tuneles are situated can be a bit challenging, contingent on the surf conditions.  However, once inside the bay, the atmosphere transforms to tranquility, and the crystal-clear waters create an experience akin to snorkeling in an aquarium.  Here, we will enjoy a walk above the lava tunnels. This will be followed by two snorkeling. On a lucky day, we’ll spot one of the three seahorses that live in this area. 

DAY 7. Sierra Negra Volcano 

We'll board a bus to ascend to the highlands, reaching the impressive Sierra Negra Volcano. Here, the geological wonders will transport us back in time.  Upon retracing our steps along the same trail, the bus will be ready and waiting to transport us back to the hotel, completing the day's exploration. The volcano remains active, with eruptions occurring approximately every other year. The most recent eruption took place in October 2021. We hike along the rim of this massive 9x8 km crater filled with lava, experiencing the breathtaking expanse of the volcanic landscape. Although a bit more demanding, the hike unveils an impressive barren lava landscape, leading to the remnants of Volcano Chico in about an hour. 

DAY 8.  Open Day. Optional: Highlands Tour 

If there's something you'd like to revisit or if there's a particular activity you missed, now is the perfect opportunity. Alternatively, you can unwind on the beautiful 4 km long beach located right by the hotel. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, where you might encounter various species of migratory birds and enjoy a relaxing time by the sea. La Parte Alta presents a wonderful and intriguing opportunity to witness the agricultural practices of local farmers. Explore how they cultivate vegetables and produce various items that contribute to the local tourism industry and benefit the community as a whole. The entire tour will last approximately 2.5 hours (includes lunch). Afterward, we will descend to the town for a farewell drink on the beach, where we can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. 

DAY 9.  Back to the Mainland 

An early start awaits us as our transportation will pick us up to head to the port. A speedboat will take us back to Puerto Ayora.  For those continuing their Galapagos adventure, we will take you to Puerto Ayora and wish you all the best on your journey.

Info: This program will also connect with our Santa Cruz and San Cristobal programs.

Transfers; You will book them separately when you make your booking, Transfers to Guayaquil/Quito includes airfare with one checked in bag.

Where will we stay?

On this tour you will stay in the following hotels:


Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.      Hotel Ninfa Suites 1n

Puerto Vilamil, Isabela            Hotel Sao Vincente 6 n.


Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.      Hotel Ninfa Suites// Deluxe Suites 1n

Puerto Vilamil, Isabela            Hotel La Laguna  6 n.