Here you will find all our extension tours in South America. At the moment we concentrate on what’s next to our doorstep. We have a very Scenic tour in our beautiful country Ecuador, starts from Guayaquil. The tour for the Amazon included the nights in Quito both before and after our 4 days in the Amazon, this tour starts from Quito. North of us we have Colombia, here we have a fantastic week in the Caribbean where we will experience many beautiful moments with food, drinks, beaches, music and people.

To the south of us we have Peru, with all its mystery and excitement. We visit the world heritage and one of the seven wonders of the world, Macchu Pichu. But this trip is also so much more, you will really get to understand the Incas and what shaped the continent at this time. Whatever you choose you will come back smiling. In these programs you will have a tour-guide with the group every day. On some excursions we sometimes have an extra local guide with us to explain the tour in a very local perspective. Our tour guide will also help you to point out highlights on the trip. The groups will be from 4- 24 travelers. It is an International group that can have travelers from all over the world. You would also need to specify four preferred language. We can also offer you private tours to all our programs where you have the chance to tailor make your trip, but keep in mind, it will be a little more expensive than our predated “seat in tour” programs.